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We attain success by satisfying our clients through the profitable sale of our products and services.

We do this by providing personalized service, paying attention to details and looking after your interests.

We strive to deal with only the strongest of companies.






Terry Price
C.L.U., C.H.F.C.

Products and Services

People often have questions about which products we offer and about the makeup of those products. What exactly is a Universal Life Insurance policy, or Disability or Critical Illness insurance? On the pages that follow we will outline some of the products we make available and include brief explanations of those products in what we hope are plain language.

These comments are for our current and prospective clients in British Columbia. Anyone purchasing a product from us or any other agent should have their individual policy explained in detail to their satisfaction.

If you don't understand something it is because we have not explained it well and we invite you to contact us with your questions.